Thursday, 16 March 2017, from 6 p.m., IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the solo exhibition:

Aiming through glimmers signed by artist Alexandra Muresan and curated by Olimpia Bera and Walter Bonomi.

“The exhibition signed by artist Alexandra Muresan follows the path of a long creative journey, marked at every stage by events, philosophical contemplations which occurred on different occasions through her life and have had a strong impact on her work, concerning the value of significance.

The idea of time passing demonstrates that which as a validity of existence the object of art remains in its substance. Alexandra Muresan submits for analysis her own existence in the process of embodiment of forms, forms which are brought into existence through converting glass into  installations presented as multiple varieties of compositional densities. Her work bears through direct confrontations with this fragile material, which becomes rather a metaphor, then an object in itself, under the impact of mechanical and thermic strength. The artist questions the power of rejuvenation pertaining to time and – implicitly – rejuvenation of its creating energies through the re-assessment of a material which surpasses functional potential and pure decorative value and thus immortalizes states and emotions evolving in the present. These experiences fall into the category of representations resulting from the recounting of events „consummated” and filtered through an affective registry.

The fragility of human nature is rendered in her work through the sensitivity of gesture and plastic subtleties which can be obtain through the process of alteration. The “flaws” owed to the pursuits of making this translucent material more malleable are subjected to interpretation, revealed through aspects of transparent features, attributes of amplification and dynamic form  – particular aspects for the completion as an artistic object.  The result, each time unforeseen, represents the subject of an arduous provocation: the author interposes through the means of her own visions, in the relationship between perfection with imperfection affirming herself as a “mediator” in the game of structural (de)forming.” (Olimpia Bera)

Curated by Olimpia Bera and Walter Bonomi, the Aiming through glimmers exhibition, is therefore an important event for international art critics and collectors, confirming IAGA Gallery’s desire to be a living cultural platform whose objectives are those of developing and promoting dialogs between Eastern and Western European contemporary art, thanks to the participation on art fairs, international contemporary art festivals and events, looking for a possible future where international cultural exchange and dialogue is really the foundation upon which we can build  long-term artistic projects.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, with pictures containing the site-specific instalations, and which can be visited at IAGA Gallery, between March 16th and  April 19th 2017.

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