The concept behind the collaboration between IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery and Sun Garden Resort consists in proposing a contemporary art vision, composed of several elements and meant to attract the thinking and meditative capacity, the esthetic and ethical sense of the public, exalting and disclosing the mission and its contents in an engaged and experimental way.

A concrete and visionary project, absolutely innovative, deeply linked to the human being, to its wishes and needs, while in the same time being an important event for the passionate art collectors.

Underlying the collaboration between IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery and Sun Garden Resort is the ample proposal which explicitly addresses the relationship between contemporary art and elite spaces.

The contemporary art can be integrated in a space like Sun Garden Resort with the purpose of being introduced to the attending public of this luxurious space, one able to offer its clients, not only the natural beauties in its disposal but also, the quality of a peculiar space in artwork choosing, which would allow international development, meaning an excellent image towards the art loving public, under the label “Art in Sun Garden”.
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