Thursday, June 16from 6 P.M, at IAGA Contemporary Art, Strada Closca 9-11, Cluj Napoca, opens to the public the solo exhibition:

Charles J. de Bisthoven_Sky Valley.

“Sky Valley
 is a display of images evolving from sober content towards narration and allegory: the paintings evolve in the rooms of the exposition as a journey towards deeper stories. For this series I chose to paint sincere and bold images on canvas in a manner that would be a development of sensible drawing. It is an endeavor to extend its
 freshness and frankness to painting as a medium.
Sky Valley is a space where the reality of the present blurs with a stream of fascination, recollection, desire. Purposely of not, each work is part of a series is a brick in my wall; marks
rehearsing the flow of moments, life events,fascinations, discoveries, readings of which I am the product. I arrange these works in series that I show in separate expositions – these series themselves being part of the longer thread of my works.  

I am a boat swayed by the waves, my storm is inside.
Je suis un bateau battu par les vagues, ma tempête est intérieure.”
(Charles J. de Bisthoven )  

The exhibition, curated by Walter Bonomi, is therefore an important event for the international critics and collectors, confirming the will of IAGA to be lively cultural platform whose main objective is to develop and promote young Artists, thanks to the participation in art fairs, festivals and events of international contemporary art, looking at a possible future where cultural exchange and international dialogue is really the foundation upon which to build a long-term art projects.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog dedicated to the exhibition, with photos containing the site-specific installations made by artist, that it will be presented after the exhibition’s opening.

The exhibition is open until 31 July, 2016
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