Thursday, February 14, at 18:00, IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the exhibition signed by artist Daniel Krysta.

A world in search of the attainment of perfection, the constantly changing.  It’s either a run from ourselves or a run for something that cannot be touched. The relationship between circle and the contemporary world is seen by the artist as a symbol of perfection, desire for reunification, belonging.

The circle is one of the most valenced symbols It is both finite and infinite, unity and multiplicity, perfection (it is an extended point), but also the limited, homogeneous space. Seen at the micro level, the man from birth, continues to evolve, to learn new knowledge, all the way to a cycle. Everything around us is cyclic, everything has a beginning and an end.

At the same time, the circle includes the meanings of harmony through communication, and knowledge is related to the limited possibilities of being, through the Latin motives of the verb “to try.” In these circles, there are infinite possibilities for the being that evolves with him, accepting his inner knowledge through participation in the mystery of life .

Any symbol included in a circle is potentiated, has the gift of attracting us to this symbol, making us understand and feel it. The circle invites us to step inside the sacred, the mystery, the desire to discover, to know.

Another theme touched by the artist is the time. It is the same loop in which mankind evolves daily, the ephemeral, the lack of time that distracts us from living our lives. This theme is more current than ever, because we forget that living the present, its appreciation of true value is more important than future plans. The truth is this: we do not have a short life, we shorten it, it’s not that we do not have enough time, just wasting what we got … Life is long if you know how to use it.

Finally, does the question arise whether  huma beeing through his creations really brings perfection to himself or not?

 IAGA Art Gallery (9-20 Closca Street, Cluj-Napoca) is pleased to announce the opening of the “CIRCLE” exhibition by artist Daniel Krysta. The exhibition is open from February 14 to March 20 and can be visited from Wednesday to Saturday in the 14-18 hours.