Thursday, on the 26 of May , at IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery, Cluj Napoca , Romania,  opens to the public the exhibition:

Fragment #4 . Morse.Code

 is a B-side project curated by Walter Bonomi in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery . It is an interstitial and temporary project, appointed progressively # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4 which is proposed with different theme between two solo or group exhibitions of the Gallery. It is the place of transition and reflection around a problem of contemporary art from time to time identified by the curator. The works on display, created by artists of the Gallery and in collaboration with the Gallery, highlight the perseverance of the guiding theme in different variations of languages.   Ring of continuity between the before and after, between an exhibition and the subsequent, site of the passage of thought and vision, Fragment # 4 reflects on the theme:


I think that it is distinctive for this period and for the melancholy of the art work when it is done individually and it relates to the others in the loss and the lack of a completly lost original character. The exposed faces and bodies are all missing something, the bodies are searching for one another in absolute silence, resurfacing for dark memories, glances from a forgotten pleasure, identities that shatter and recompose themselves ».  

The artists:

Vedova Emilio
Scanavino Emilio
Shiraga Kazuo
De Dominicis Gino
De Angelis Marcello
Dufrene Francois
Munari Bruno 
Rotella Mimmo
Nicola Vinci 
Dragomir Sabina
Cristian Bogdan Bara   

This will be followed by the opening of the exhibitions: Charles J. de Bisthoven. Less than Pain_Solo Exhibition, curated by Walter Bonomi, from 16 June 2016