Friday 6th of October 2017, starting with 7 PM, IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery, opens for the public the exhibition HABITUS, a project initiated by artist Sabina Elena Dragomir.

The exhibition that carries the name HABITUS, proposes in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery, to create an artistic journey and an almost obsessive visual debate found in the contemporary artistic research resulting through the displayed works the attempts to understand the surrounding world, ambient, the construction, the matter or the essence of things, through the filter of our senses, our sensitivity and the profound knowledge of us as individuals.

The whole concept of the exhibition and the chosen title tries to explain the multitude of visions, shapes and rephrased language, through which the interest of the contemporary artists manages to float above this delicate subject, full of social and philosophical weight. This project was born from Sabina Elena Dragomir‘s initiative who puts forward to the public an exhibition that investigates the differences and the affinities of the artists for the status of the human condition and for the humanitarian principles that count themselves between the principles of the contemporary relativist visions.

Taking all of this into account, the artist’s debate becomes complex, and the figurative/non-figurative context blends itself with a thorough investigation of social structures in a partial level of the artistic individuality. The visual universe of the exhibition varies from the realistic precision, to geometrical abstract, lyric or minimalist, thus creating a bridge between the languages of the artists, who have different social and cultural background. An individual speech that is described through the cultural aspects found in different daily activities.

HABITUS exhibition, bring together the works of Arman Fernandez, Badulescu Stefan, Bulea Liviu, Christo, De Molfetta Francesco, Dragomir Sabina Elena, La Rosa Marco, Omar Hassan, Pasquali Francesca, Vakarcs Lorand and Vrabies Mihai. Thus becoming an important cultural event, not only in the Romanian art perimeter but also in the international one.

IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery reveals once again its main objective, that of being a vivid cultural ground in the search of a possible cultural exchange and an international dialog. Born from the desire of a real contribution in the cultural development of a generation, the gallery chooses to create not just an exhibition but a moment of ponder towards the meaning of promoting and collecting contemporary art.

The exhibition is open for the public between 6th of October and 4th of November 2017, in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery.