Intimacy. Beyond appearance

Expo Maraton, Galeria Casa Matei, Cluj Napoca

31.05.2016, from 7 PM

The artist talks about her relationship with the universe, she illustrates and tells her world, the viable tension which can be transmitted, felt, focusing her entire creative efforts on her personal perceptions. Her creation is based on taking, observing, and passing on to someone else. The flashing vision of a glowing body, its metamorphosis and fragments, create an unusual artistic world that is presented to us by Sabina Dragomir. This world seems to talk about a process of burning with a quiet noise. Before disappearing, the body images tell us, with exhilaration, their last story. We don’t know if it is the low noise of memory or the roaring noise of burning.

Bridges made from immaculate, transparent
and sensual values lead towards the
tumultuous cosmos, well hidden within
ourselves. Why go on if nowhere is safe?
We are followed by shadows, we follow the
shades. We are surrounded by a misty uncertainty
that leads to knowledge. And we
build our own place, we can be both ruler
and subject. We can create and enforce impossible
laws, we attack ourselves, we
can clap our hands and everyone else’s,

never ending.


Sabina Elena Dragomir