IAGA International Art Gallery Angels in collaboration with the Museum of Art of Cluj-Napoca presents Marcello Gobbi.Renascence
Official Opening Friday, November 13,
from 5 pm at the Museum of Art of Cluj-Napoca,
from 7 pm at the IAGA International 
Art Gallery Angels
Curated by I. Bignotti and W. Bonomi

Friday, November 13from 5 pm at Museum of Art of Cluj-Napoca, from 7 pm at the IAGA International Art Gallery Angels, opens to the public the international exhibition: MARCELLO GOBBI. RENASCENCE
The exhibition, dedicated to one of the most interesting and innovative contemporary Italian sculptors, presents to the international public an exclusive and important project in collaboration with the Museum of Art of Cluj-Napoca. As the title of the exhibition suggests, Marcello Gobbi. Renascence, the goal is to reflect about the metamorphosis and the evolution of the creative process inside the language of the artist. Starting from the silicone, an industrial and “poor” material that the artist uses as skin of his sculptures, Marcello Gobbi creates men and women in a continuous effort to choose between the goodness and the madness, the spirituality and the desire, trying to free their selves from the heaviness of the human side, searching the lightness of the metaphysical. Renascence is a meaningful term for the European culture to whom belongs Marcello Gobbi: it is connected to the concept of Rebirth and Renewal, suggesting a strict relationship with the potentiality of the sculpture as medium for a true renaissance, connecting the tradition and transformation, memory and modernity. Every artist is a spiritual son of the past and he needs to have his “great model”, his “great masters”; he works between the culture and its evolution through space any time, and with the public that it is not just the viewer, but also a co-author of the artwork. Renascence is also a narration of the specific spiritual and artistic path of Marcello Gobbi, a sort of storytelling inside-outside his artworks, reflecting about the necessity of freedom and of changing his skin, remembering the past of his job for creating the future. The exhibition will present to the public circa 20 sculptures, made by Marcello Gobbi from 2010 to 2015, many of them realized for this exhibition project.
As exclusive international preview, the exhibition also offers to the public an exclusive fascinating musical journey made by the Italian composer Rosolino Di Salvo, proposed as a sound atmosphere in the Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca and as video’s soundtrack by Marcello Gobbi and entitled Messengers: born as a real public performance made by about fifty people covered by a white tunic, each of them placed  into two large wings of silicone created by Gobbi in his atelier in June 2015, the video shows a challenging and changing visions of movements, thanks to the projection of urban scenes in black and white, ending with the presence and the fading of the few significant and crucial words that describe the exhibition: Chrysalids, Metamorphosis, Freedom and Renascence that appear and disappear on the screen with the expressions and gestures of the public.
The exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Walter Bonomi, is completed with a catalog dedicated to the exhibition, with photos containing the site-specific installations made by artist that it will be presented after the opening, with installation views and site-specific photographs.