IAGA International Art Gallery Angels presents Marcello De Angelis_Spiritual Grounds
Official Opening Saturday April 18, at 6 p.m.
Curated by I. Bignotti and W. Bonomi

Saturday, April 18, from 6 PM, opens the exhibition:
Marcello De Angelis_Spiritual Grounds.  
The exhibition presents a careful selection of recent works created by the artist from Verona, many of them specially made for the project.
Through a selection of about thirty paintings, the exhibition aims to interrogate the international public on the artistic process unique and exclusive by Marcello De Angelis, consisting in the injection painting: the pictorial sign is expressed through color distributed by a syringe needle, creating swirls and lines, pictorial tracks and paths of extraordinary smoothness and fascinating iridescence.
But beyond the purely formal level, his research reveals, deeply, artist’s attempt to order the world of the visible and the invisible, to try to re-do it, according to a design that is fate and project of making art of all time. From here the titles of the works, which now refer to metaphysical dimensions, now emphasize the identity of the artist, Prometheus at work, for us, for his project of the world.
As the title of the exhibition suggests, Spiritual Grounds, the works of De Angelis seek an order that is reason and also an expression of an original chaos, ordering the color free flowing and conducted along the paths of the mind on the canvas.
They are spiritual reasons and grounds emotional ones that emerge from the works of De Angelis, where the titles underline the artist’s ability to be demiurge of a new painting of all time and space.
The exhibition, curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Walter Bonomi, is therefore an important event for the international critics and collectors, confirming the will of IAGA to be lively cultural platform whose main objective is to develop and promote dialogue between the Italian and Eastern European contemporary art, thanks to the participation in art fairs, festivals and events of international contemporary art, looking at a possible future where cultural exchange and international dialogue is really the foundation upon which to build a long-term art projects.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog dedicated to the exhibition, with photos containing the site-specific installations made by artist, that it will be presented after the opening, with installation views and site-specific photographs.