Thursday, 19 January 2017, from 6 p.m., IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the solo exhibition Land(e)scape  signed by photograph Lorand Vakarcs and curated by Olimpia Bera


“The photographic project is represented by a series of natural landscapes, rural, or that keep the traces of forced urbanization and industrialization from the communist times. These landscapes carry the nostalgia of faraway times, almost unknown to the young generation. The natural landscape is set face to face with the un-natural panorama, in which the human presence, practically, finds its shelter. In this respect, memory becomes the only form of relationship between man and environment.


What is found in the current Romanian landscape is a form of transition from the mythical formula of communication between man and environment, to the phenomena of escaping from a past in witch this man succeeds – more or less – to find himself again. The human factor is both the mirror of its own past, which he can hardly overcome, but also of a present time from which reality he is a part of.


Land(e)scape debates, in a narrative manner, the pre-established and the (auto)imposed relations, between the persistence of the place and of the person, with emphasis on the ecological aspect of the current Romanian environment. We are facing an ecosystem in full process of transformation, whose temporal measure is given by the physical and mental mechanisms of degradation.” (Olimpia Bera)


Curated by Olimpia Bera, the Land(e)scape exhibition, is therefore an important event for international art critics and collectors, confirming IAGA Gallery’s desire to be a living cultural platform whose objectives are those of developing and promoting dialog between Eastern and Western European contemporary art, thanks to participation to art fairs, international contemporary art festivals and events, looking for a possible future where international cultural exchange and dialogue is really the foundation upon which we can build long-term artistic projects.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, with pictures that contain site-specific instalations, and can be visited at IAGA Gallery, between Jan. 19th and Feb. 10th 2017.

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