The IAGA Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of the photographer Marcello Grassi, Sine Tempore / Anatomia del Tempo.

It was founded in 1985 inspired by the reading Memories by Adriano and Il Tempo Grande Scultore by Marguerite Yourcenar and by the visit to some exhibitions organized in Italy on the occasion of the Year of the Etruscans.
The photographer’s goal is to record the changes that have occurred over time on sculptures and archaeological finds preserved in museums, trying to restore their daily life, celebrate a sort of resurrection, thus pursuing a dialogue with the legacy of those who have preceded in the looks and gestures modified and fixed by the passage of time;
and it is like looking at ourselves, at our reflection, at the same time witnessing the perennial struggle between life and death, perceiving the change in the body and finally looking at the immortality of the soul. The black and white, chosen as a photographic language, is decisive for diverting attention from reality perceived in color, while the square format alludes to the proportional canons of the Renaissance.

The exhibition will last until 2th December at Milan Archeological Museum!

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