Thursday, 18th January 2018, from 6 pm, IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the exhibition ‘No Man’s Land’ sign by the artist Ștefan Bădulescu.

The ensemble of Ștefan Badulescu’s project entitled „No Man’s Land” highlights the dynamics of urban and suburban, inhabited or abandoned spaces and fragments of wilderness into which humans have made their presence felt at one time. Beyond the scope of a photographic documentary, at the forefront of the endeavor sits the environment at the limits of the surreal which can be simulated in the sequences of the local landscape.
Images have a well-articulated logic and the system of the objects inside the landscape is recorded with the attentiveness of a “treasure hunter” that discovers at every step the traces of a strange civilization. What the photographer takes into consideration through these incursions are the actions and signs of humans passing through the world in a context traced by a certain geographical frame, particularly the socio-economic and cultural conditions in Romania. Be it the phenomenon of depopulation of some regions or the overpopulation of others, human actions extend beyond causes and necessities, leaving room for “animate” objects to interrupt the silence in the middle of the wilderness. Metaphorically speaking Ștefan Badulescu’s landscapes are images that decompose the apparition of the person; they have in themselves a form of existence, reconstituted based on isolated clues. His photography suggests landmarks for the passing of life, landmarks that are maintained at the level of the image but which also allude to easily recognizable spaces and to the viewer’s imagination which can be projected on the nature of events gone by.(Olimpia-Georgeta Bera-curator)
IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery reveals once again its main objective, that of being a vivid cultural ground in the search of a possible cultural exchange and an international dialog. Born from the desire of a real contribution in the cultural development of a generation, the gallery chooses to create not just an exhibition but a moment of ponder towards the meaning of promoting and collecting contemporary art.

The exhibition is open for the public between 18th of January 2018 and 9th of February 2018, in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery
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