Thursday, 19th December 2019, from 6 pm, IAGA Contemporary Art opens to the public the exhibition Pandora signed by the artist Sabina Elena Dragomir. 

IAGA Contemporary Art has the pleasure to present a selection of artworks by the young romanian artist Sabina Elena Dragomir, born in 1992, representative works of her artistic research, in which the artist reflects on the concepts of identity, beauty, and about the feelings that every human being is able to feel during his life. Sabina Dragomir, with her works talks about intimity and the misteries that could affect each one of us, and that we can’t deny and neither forget.

Below, you can find the concept and the poetics behind these fascinating works.

            “Pandora Project (2019) presents a series of works that symbolize, in essence, the “skin” that covers the impulse, bearing the consciousness of being present. The paintings capture a moment of uncertainty; the bodies are surprised in a depressing silence, lethargy of desire that ends up keeping a silent dialogue. The works lead, clearly, to the obscure, to the infinite depths of secrets and create the illusion of a precise identity.

The first woman on earth is there to be seen and attracts curiosity through folds and creases, skin, drapes, attracts desires and creates idylls.

But the box was already open.

The project is built in 4 stages that manage to build the narrative thread and remember the Greek Myth “Pandora’s Box”.

The origins shows the perfection, the first woman on the earth. Giver of all comes to express the bodily desire, the gradual fall into sin. Escaping to be lost incites a desolate atmosphere, an oppressive chiaroscuro, the primordial mistake. Hope is a cursive thread of universal identity, the present.”

IAGA Contemporary Art reveals once again its main objective, that of being a vivid cultural ground looking for  a possible cultural exchange and an international dialog. Born from the desire of a real contribution in the cultural development of a generation, the gallery chooses to create not just an exhibition but a moment of ponder towards the meaning of promoting and collecting contemporary art.

The exhibition is open from the19th of December 2019 to the 19th of January 2020, in the spaces of  IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery.

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