Friday, March 23, 2018, at 18:00 PM, the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the exhibition signed by artist Bartosz Czarnecki.

The project by Bartosz Czarnecki brings a new edge to the artistic field, in the manner he wants to present to the curious audience. All of these works invite a broader look at the analysis of a new language that is to be discovered. In the first phase, they show a calm tone, but a profound force, through the themes of the well-known works, by the contrast of colors and especially by the technique used that brings back into the contemporary world.

Even though the artist recalls some well-known works such as Pierro della Francesca Flagellation of Christ, Pieter Bruegel’s The Land of Cockaigne, or Claude Lorrain Landscape with merchants, the note of originality is easily noticed. Therefore, the artist’s works offers easily recognizable landmarks and even the ability of the viewer to identify with the characters, realizing a double depth, marked by the technique, as well as by the theme.

The artist himself wishes to emphasize that the most descriptive academic painting is painted with abstract forms, which are, in fact, brushes. Even so, painting is in some way an abstract form […] Through this abstract substance of its painting, which is visible from the first moment, with the increased distance of viewing, we get the ability to recognize descriptive forms hidden under the growth.

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