Wednesday, 11 July 2018, at 18:00, the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the exhibition signed by artist Cristian Bogdan Bara.

The  exhibition “There is silence in violence”  addresses the mind and the spirit that does not often feel like it wants to explode from us like a volcano. It is the inner struggle that each of us carries, a struggle with which we show ourselves every day on the streets full and as if too empty to understand, to see.

Everyone carries their thoughts every day in a depressing silence that is about to erupt. Although these works have a strong personal touch, they generally speak of the human being who always aspires to an undiscovered ideal, to the inner silence that each of us is looking for, to a soulful fulfillment that is above everyday hazards.

The “volcanic eruptions” of  the subconscious have brought from its depths all these ideas and feelings that we have long since forgotten. So, on the background of the volcanic eruptions, they are going to be swallowed by the lava. Purification takes place at the time of awareness and acceptance of what the eruption brought with it: a house, a slaughterhouse, a car and a ghost, all being metaphors for inner living; and universal peace is just this sincere acceptance. Simply observing the entire process.

The artist performs the works in a spontaneous manner, with free and frenetic movements, reflecting his own personality, his own tricks, which make up an inner explosion, manifested on the canvas. Personal knowledge, rediscovery of ourselves are our everyday quests that each of us is concerned about. We seek an unspoilt journey, a source of inspiration to revive, an ideal, but we fail to look at us, towards ourselves

Do we want to hide or let us find ourselves? These questions are addressed to you, to which we add the invitation to take part in this exhibition, to discover and rediscover yourself in a volcanic explosion that puts your soul moving.

From 11 to 30 July 2018, the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery hosts the personal exhibition “There is silence in violence” by artist Cristian Bogdan Bara.
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