Wednesday, 13 July, from 6 p.m., at Multicultural Centre of Transilvania University, Eroilor street, nr. 29, Brasov, Romania, opens to the public the solo exhibition:  

The sixth canto. The sense of time

Sabina Elena Dragomir

The exhibition, curated by Walter Bonomi, in collaboration with Multicultural Centre of Transylvania University from Brasov, is an important event for the international critics and collectors, confirming the will of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery to be lively cultural platform whose main objective is to develop and promote dialogue between Western and Eastern European contemporary art, thanks to the participation in art fairs, festivals and events of international contemporary art, looking at a possible future where cultural exchange and international dialogue is really the foundation upon which to build a long-term art projects.

It is therefore an honor for IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery to present the artist from Brasov, Sabina Elena Dragomir, to the public of her hometown and collectors of art, all this due the several solo exhibitions and national and international group exhibitions that have involved her up to now, sure that this can be only a first step for the interested public in young artists, their researches, and collecting their works.

Visiting the exhibition, gives the impression of a suspended and inversed time. The opening is divided into three main sections which we may define as follows:

1) The intimate body closed in the muffled and sensual space of the artist’s body, in the stance of care of the intimate moment, maybe shared, maybe solitary; The artistic experience is incredibly similar to the sexual one, with its pains and pleasures, phenomena which in reality are nothing more than different forms of one and the same desire and ecstasy.

2) The body in abandonment, the hugging that does not hug, the bodies that are exhausted when they meet, the colours that become acidic; Love consists in this, two solitary entities that protect each other at random, touch each other, greet each other.

3) The regret, a poetic farewell in which only the blank spaces remain to recount a story that may never existed, and the hands of work “92”, the old hand and the Artist’s hand share a crumbled space, an abandoned room, a future whitish space contaminating the meeting between the two hands.

The topic of this phase is very dear to me.

This latter framework, with a particular significance for the Artist’s searches reflected in the Works exhibited, shows the undoubted Ripening, the effort, the stubbornness, the vision of a woman Artist in the world, the desire to capture the Female body and what that body transmits to the world

And the woman was suffused with the mysterious power of dreams
If I like a work, if it disturbs me, I try to look at it beyond its simple understanding.
Life is always right. I try to split hairs, to exaggerate, to a certain extent to slow down, to arrive at the time of Knowledge.
Future invades us, in order to metamorphose into us, long before it happens.

The seeking of Sabina Elena Dragomir is reflected in her works, becoming the matter and the essence of the opening dedicated to her, reaching those strings which disturb and subvert the understanding.

Personal, artistic, professional

(Walter Bonomi)

Exhibition’s period: 13 July-31 July, 2016
Multicultural Centre of Transilvania University, Eroilor street, nr. 29, Brasov, Romania
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