Friday, May 23, 2018, at 18:00 PM, the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to the public the exhibition signed by artist Gabriel Marian.

Introspective and subtle, Gabriel Marian discovers the fascination of the unknown world of insects, a lesser subject that reveals new horizons and new sensibilities by combining the real with the abstract, the fantasy with the reality. In the artist’s work, insects play a primordial role, and through this project, he wants to move the focus from this “unknown” to “known.”

This reveals a “Age of Insects” in which these life forms seem to dominate, by number and diversity, the macroscopic living world, possessing an impressive number of living environments, as people who consider themselves all over the world. Gabriel Marian compares with the world of people with the small insects, which makes the viewer directly involved in the exposed subject. The project turns into a scream addressed to the human being, for a return to himself, and more, an inner look, to the unknown places of the soul.

Whether it is pests, brightly colored insects, with a less pleasant or even fragile look, all these creatures coexist and create a self-contained system. Although at first sight they seem naive, they have their own micro-universe, which the artist places under the magnifying glass, capturing a series of details of nature, to which access to human sight is quite limited.

The natural motifs, landscaping components such as the earth, the hill, the vegetal, bring the works a dose of nostalgia, the natural imagery and the presence of human figures in place, emphasize this signalized and monumentalized connection, now in painting.

#Traces in the dust wants to open the dialogue with the audience, creating an intimate atmosphere, quietness and even mystery, things that the human has defamed, inhibiting his feelings and losing himself in the agitation of the daily newspaper.

IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery reveals once again its main objective, that of being a vivid cultural ground in the search of a possible cultural exchange and an international dialog. Born from the desire of a real contribution in the cultural development of a generation, the gallery chooses to create not just an exhibition but a moment of ponder towards the meaning of promoting and collecting contemporary art.

The exhibition is open for the public between May 4th and June 2th, in the spaces of IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery. 

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