Friday, 14th of September 2018, at 18:00, IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery opens to public the colective exhibition signed by: Fabrizio Bellaca and Marcello Grassi.

We also have the pleasure to invite you this Autumn at a new exhibition: Virtual vs Real LOVE. The main characters are two italian artists and they have a diffrent subject, but the same purposes: love for art, for new projects, the desire of dicovering elements who are part of our life, moreover they are trying to bring them to life, in order to present to us theyr perspectives.

Two contemporary artists with different perspectives. Contemporary art and the Ancient art, two visions wich are trying to bring love and beautiful human nature in the centre of the stage. Light, colors, shapes, shadows, all of them have a significant role in discovering of love. Going back in time or living the present, both of them have the power to give strong emotions.

Art helps us to understand things around us in order to fulfill our goals, to serve us as utensils, and in turn, produce various objects designed to serve our own comfort, our own well-being. So the artwork must attract us, get us out of the daily routine. As in this exhibition, art has the double effect: the seductive and the one to help us to forget our world. Therefore, the two artists attempt to bring aesthetic experience which it is not pure and timeless, but is a personal-historical and cultural reconstruction of a world presented in the artwork and proposed to our consciousness.

The purpose of art has always been to convey a message, either subtly or directly, art has played a role in history. Art requires a transformation of the everyday world, a detachment from it, in order to perceive the arts. As the greeks have said, man is a demiurge who can guide his fate, create his own world.

Come at IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery and discover by yourself new perspectives in a colective exhibition.


Between October 14 and November 6, 2018, the IAGA Contemporary Art Gallery hosts the collective exhibition “Virtual vs Real LOVE” signed by: Fabrizio Bellaca and Marcello Grassi.

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